Real Headlines, AI Generated Content

In Case You Wonder

Why does this page exist?

You pose an excellent question! The existence of this page can be attributed to a few key factors: a keen interest in artificial intelligence and technology, an eagerness to explore new frontiers, and a passion for staying informed about global events. Ultimately, this site serves as a multifaceted platform to delve into AI, scrutinizing its limitations, potential risks, and how we can responsibly engage with it.

Which AIs are you utilizing?

As an avid explorer of the latest AI offerings, I frequently experiment with various platforms. However, I predominantly work with OpenAI's ChatGPT, Dall-E, Midjourney, and 11Labs. While I have utilized numerous other platforms for distinct purposes, these are the ones I currently find most appealing. Nonetheless, my preferences could change in a matter of days.

How are the articles generated?

The website sources actual headlines from various online outlets, which are then provided to ChatGPT for creative reinterpretation. Subsequently, the revised headline is sent back to ChatGPT along with a request to compose a credible news article. To inject an intriguing twist, the AI receives one additional, randomized command. The generated text is automatically extracted from the AI and published on this site.

How did you accomplish all this?

As much as I would like to claim full credit, an AI developed a significant portion of the website. While I supervised and guided the process, my technical expertise contributed to the remaining 20% of the code. The bulk of my involvement entailed fine-tuning and making minor adjustments.

I have more questions; may I contact you?

Absolutely! I would be delighted to connect with you, offer advice, share my insights, or even collaborate on a project. I eagerly await the opportunity to hear from you.

Get in touch: ai[at]